Aries (Backup)

Campaign_01 - The Catacombs
At the local tavern in the city of Yuma, the kings royal men set out to find 3 adventurers to help with an "infestation" problem that has the adventures "bitting" off more then they can "chew"....get it, there are zombies in the catabombs.

Our story begins inside “The Drunken Walrus” tavern, located in the city of Yuma. It’s night time and everyone winding down from a long day of work and travel. The bar is extra festive tonight, keeping Wendy McTavish, the bars waitress, on her toes. With the bar almost packed with adventurers Donald Webb, the kings right hand man, enters the tavern doors.

He explains to the patrons that they are having a little “infestation” problem and that they need a few adventurers to help out. Asking for anyone interested in the job to sign up. He offers 50 gold as a reward for your help. After most of the bar signs up he picks the names at random. " Fier “….” Light Blade “….” and Rhodonite Serpentine . Please meet me behind the bar tomorrow morning. Till then, your tab is on the king." The next morning, everyone meets outside the bar to begin on their quest….

Our heroes entered the catacomb and began to look around. The room is small, about 35 feet across, and smelled of rotting flesh. The squeaks of rats echoed throughout the halls. There was only one tunnel to follow, heading east.

Rhodonite began walking down the path, hugging the left wall, that lead into a smaller section, with exits in all directions. Fier followed close by. “Guys!”, Light Blade shouted, “Aren’t we gonna greet each other?, I’m Light Blade”. “I’m Fier” he replied. Rhodinite pulls out a pink stone….“I think that means he has a vow of silence” feir said laughing. “So which way are we going to go?” Light Blade asked. After a short time of fighting Rhodonite, without any warning, began walking north into the darkness. “Wait up!” Fier shouted. Light, staying back, begins to examine the walls. Rhodonite, hitting a dead end, discovered two zombies eating each other. He runs in and uses Flurry of Blows, on one of the zombies dealing 5 damage. Fier attacks the other zombie for 4 damage while yelling for Light.

Light Blade, hearing the calls for help, turns and runs to help save his comrades. Upon entering the tunnel he falls through a trap door in the floor. Rhodonite, dodging a zombie attack, has it attached to his beard while Fier knocks the other zombie over. After trying to cut off Rhodinites beard, Fier backs off into the hallway. Flipping over the zombie, Rhodinite uses his Flurry blows on both zombies. Fier then successfully cuts off Rhodonite’s beard unevenly…Rhodonite respectfully nods and then jumps on top of one of the zombies and grabs onto the ceiling. He kicks the zombie in the head, decapitating it. As his hands slip, Rhodonite falls to the ground, taking damage. Light, after gaining conscious, tried to climb out of the 15 foot hole he fell into. Unable to grip anything he slid back into the hole, yelling for help. After killing the other zombie, they two head back to help Light Blade out of the hole using Rhodonite’s fallen beard.

After some healing and discussion, the adventures follow the mute monk south to continue on ward. Walking into a new room they discovered two more zombies, and a larger mutated zombie. Light Blade heads for the mutant zombie and begins a fight, taking 8 damage initially. Rhodonite takes down one of the regular zombies as Fier struggles to even hit anything.

Retreating, Light tries to heal himself while Fier continues to miss the slow, barely moving zombies. Finally, after taking down the rest of the zombies, the warriors split up. Rhodonite heading east, Light and Fier heading south. In the lower room, Fier finds a key that he snatches quickly. A few seconds later an earthquake shakes the catacombs, unleashing two spiders that drop down to attack Rhodonite. After bringing him close to death, they wrap him in a web and leave him for the queen.

After catching up with Rhodonite, Fier released him from the spider web, hurting him in the process. Almost to the end of the catacombs the heroes are ambushed by the spiders and fend them off, fier still unable to do any damage worth noting down…

As they enter the final room, Donald shows himself once again. “You made it? You three are stronger then I imagined. No matter, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve for you.” As he poofs into a cloud of smoke a giant spider falls from the ceiling, with several smaller spiders following behind it on web…

During the fight, Light Blade was wounded and poisoned. Fier followed soon after. After putting up a good fight, Rhodonite also fell victim to the spiders. Each was wrapped up in web and left to die. After some time, everyone awoke chained to the wall. The room was dimly lit and it was covered in cob webs. Just then Donald Webb entered the room. “Good, you’re still alive. You can’t sacrifice a dead person now can you!…”

To Be Continued…


Kills Scored
– Zombies Killed: 5
– Mutated Zombies Killed: 1
– Spiders Killed: 4
– Queen Killed: 1


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